Yes, Icelandic wool blankets are that warm! You may wonder why this statement is accurate, and I invite you to come along while we educate you and discuss these fantastic knitted items. You’ll see that, once more is known about Icelandic knitted garments and blankets, the enormity of this statement becomes crystal clear.

One of the first things you should know about Icelandic blankets and other Icelandic knitwear is that Icelandic sheep are a bit on the different side when it comes to their wool. You see, Icelandic sheep went to the island centuries past with Vikings and other settlers. Other breeds of sheep were not brought into the heritage of these animals, allowing them to prosper over the centuries in a simple manner, not seen in many other countries. And flourish they have -- in fact, there are more sheep on the island than men, as is shown in a census taken in 2017. The result of this isolated breeding is a wool that is two-layered, one layer soft, and the other layer water repellant. It is this combination of layers that creates a knitted product that is more comfortable to wear, warmer when necessary, and water repellent for the protection of the wearer.

Chunky knit and fine knit Icelandic wool throws

These Icelandic wool blankets, available in a variety of sizes, are made of 100% Icelandic wool. These throws and coverings are quite warm, soft, durable, thick, and high quality, and they are naturally water repellent! Additionally, the patterns found in these warm, snuggly coverlets are traditional to the Icelandic and Nordic cultures. You’ll find depictions displaying puffin birds, horses, moose, snowflakes, and several gorgeous mesmerizing designs that use color to add Nordic touches to your home or cottage, adding another dimension to their utility in your life. The names of some of those patterns reflect the focus of nature in their design. Here are some of them: the Puffin wool blanket features a Puffin bird design; the Bjarmi wool blanket, the word meaning brightness, the Varmi wool blanket, name meaning warmth, and the Hofsa wool blankets all showcase patterns that are derived from nature. As you can see, the traditional designs, taken from nature, use the names and patterns of the natural conditions, animals or flowers showcased on them.

With so many weighted blanket choices, you may wonder which is the best one to buy. The answer to this question lies in the purpose for which you are purchasing it. These coverings make great gifts for adults and children, bird or animal enthusiasts, people of any age. They also make beautiful accents to compliment any rustic room in your home or cottage. Oh, and we must not forget how functional they are as well. Icelandic blankets are large enough to cover one person or can allow several people to snuggle down for warmth. You can use some of them as shoulder wraps or lap drapes. They’re an excellent addition to your camping gear since the natural fiber makes them lightweight, warm, and breathable -- all critical points for hiking and camping in Iceland or anywhere else where the temperatures dip to freezing or below.

So, order several as they make perfect Christmas gifts for anyone on your list, and they look great, used inside or out, and on virtually any occasion. Or, you could order several for yourself

to snuggle up, slip on your warm wool socks and sip your hot cocoa in front of the fireplace. Does it get any better than that?