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Icelandic Wool Sweaters


Children´s knit wear - wool knitted sweaters for children

Icelandic knitted and wool sweaters for children are perfect for a trip to the country side, on cool summer evenings or for cold winters. When tried on once, your little ones will never again throw the pullover on the floor or leave it lie about.

The knitted jumpers for kids are unique, these Icelandic children’s sweaters are made of pure wool with authentic Nordic patterns. These Icelandic sweaters are also called "lopapeysa". Have a look at how the Icelanders have been dressing their children since the early seventies. Available for young boys and girls from size 98/104 (approximately 3 year old) up to older children wearing sizes 146/152 (approximately 10 year olds).

Did you know that knitting and wool production is very important in Iceland? Read about wool production as part of the Icelandic culture and heritage.