Summer offer! 20% off wool sweaters.
Summer offer! 20% off wool sweaters.

Children’s hoodies and sweaters


Children’s sweaters and hoodies

Icelandic wool sweaters provide centuries of tradition and the best of nature with all its built-in benefits. The traditional sweater patterns in the Icewear collection are pure nostalgia—never out of fashion, kids make lasting memories in these sweaters thanks to their timelessness and versatility.

Children’s Icelandic wool sweaters: providing the very best of nature. Icelandic wool is naturally anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking.

Children enjoy every outing and adventure when they feel comfortable, confident, and safe. Icewear sweaters for children include fleece and cotton options in multiple designs and with countless added features to make any outing a success.

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Not only are wool sweaters more convenient with fewer washes, they’re better for the environment. This is a wonderful lesson to teach the kids about care for the world around them.

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