Thick - & fleece sweatpants


Sweatpants and jogging trousers

Thanks to the Icelandic climate that inspired Icewear’s catalog, these sweatpants come in a variety of shapely and functional designs. Some men's sweatpants are water repellent and windproof for outdoor training, for example. Others are soft cotton or polyester blends for optimal comfort indoors. Other key functional features are part men's sweatpants by Icewear, including drawstrings at the waist and zips along the bottoms of the legs to let shoes through.

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Options designed to match in sets checkmark icon

Icewear's sweatpants and hoodies are often designed in sets, giving you a myriad of options to match.

Varied weights for every function and preference checkmark icon

From light to medium weight brushed fleece and cotton options to heavier men’s sweats, the Icewear collection of jogging trousers provide optimal variety.

icelandic man jumping