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Women´s thermal underwear


Women´s thermal shirts and merino wool base layers

Base layer for cold weather

When shopping for winter underlayers for women, base layers have to breathe but keep you warm. They have to let sweat dry, instead of absorbing it into fabric that otherwise grows heavy and cold. They must also be more comfortable than any other layer because of their direct contact with your skin.

Women´s thermal shirts

Icewear’s vast collection of thermal underwear include warm Merino wool and polyester blends. Merino wool is among the softest wool fibers in the world, making it ideal for undergarments and base layers. Wool’s natural breathability and anti-bacterial qualities are perfect for heavy-duty hiking in winter conditions.

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Base layer materials that offer more than comfort checkmark icon

Icewear underlayers all use flat seams and elastic (stretch) material to ensure your thermal layer is the most comfortable layer.

Wool base layer checkmark icon

The Merino wool used in base layers by Icewear is favored for its softness and natural warmth. It's an especially lightweight wool, which, coupled with its natural anti-bacterial qualities, makes it ideal for outdoor adventures.