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Icelandic patterned wool sweaters


Icelandic sweaters for men made out of lopi wool

Rich in tradition though these men’s jumpers are, Icewear's collection has evolved at the forefront of the industry. Because Icelandic wool is naturally anti-bacterial and uniquely warm, Icewear later added knitted jumpers from softer and lighter wools, like Merino wool, to their collection.

Carefully calculated jumper takeouts

The craftsmanship in Icelandic men's wool jumpers must be meticulous. Calculating the takeouts has to be flawless so that the pattern you see from the chest to the neck is nicely curved.

Centuries-old tradition

The history of Icelandic wool is a rich one. While the material has remained a constant in Icelandic lifestyle and economy, later, in Iceland's exports, the manufacturing has enjoyed extraordinary updates as technology has improved. Icewear's sustainability-focused wool products are the epitome of that old-but-new tradition.

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man Icelandic wool sweater

Naturally anti-bacterial wool checkmark icon

Use minimal washing detergent when you occasionally wash your jumper and lay it out to dry to prevent stretching of the sweater. Even before washing, airing it out might suffice. The natural anti-bacterial qualities will keep your jumpers cleaner longer.

Wool comes from a unique sheep population checkmark icon

Icelandic sheep have been bred in isolation for more than 1,000 years. Their wool has developed unique qualities as a result, especially in response to the harsh climate of Iceland. Þel and tog make up two layers of unique fibers in this singular wool.