Summer offer! 20% off wool sweaters.
Summer offer! 20% off wool sweaters.

Wool filled jackets & clothing


Men´s sheep wool insulated clothing

The new line of men's wool insulated clothing uses all parts Icelandic wool in the innovative insulation composed of 80% Icelandic wool and 20% bio-polyester. This blend is blown into thicker jackets for optimal warmth and other wool insulated garments are insulated with a dense layer of either 100-gram or 200-grams filling.

Lightweight and naturally breathable

Icelandic wool is naturally lightweight and breathable, giving it an extraordinary power to regulate body temperature. Icelandic wool has been used for centuries indoors and out because of these unique qualities.

Icewear believes so much in this new Icelandic wool insulated line that the collection has grown enormously since it´s inception. Browse the full collection to discover the pieces that you'll soon love.

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Natural wool insulation, warm innovation checkmark icon

After more than 1,000 years of being bred in isolation, the optimized two-layer wool of the sheep gives the wearer unique benefits.

Anti-bacterial properties checkmark icon

Icelandic wool rarely needs washing, but the clothing can easily cleaned in a washing machine on a wool program at 30°C. Lay flat to dry.