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Merino wool socks & slipper socks


Ankle socks and Coolmax socks for athletic use

Coolmax socks are available for the summer, also, along with several wool blends. Depending on the conditions and on your choice of shoes, medium-heavy blend wool socks are ideal for hiking treks, especially those that last days. Imagine the natural anti-bacterial qualities and breathability of knitted wool socks during the hike, then switching into fluffy slipper socks at the campsite.

It’s the additional features of wool that surprise some wearers. Icelandic wool is naturally anti-bacterial, making it an even better option for those summer days. And because it locks in warmth when you need it, the variety of wool socks and slipper socks for women are instant favorites in the wintertime, too.

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Fleece is a light but warm material which makes it very suitable for hiking and other outdoor trips.

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