Mens wool socks and Nordic socks make the best hiking socks

Whether you´re going hiking or trekking in winter time or in a cold climate, make sure to wear Icelandic wool socks! At Icewear we have a large collection of merino wool socks, cabin slipper socks, Icelandic wool socks, winter socks, thermal socks, basically all kinds of winter socks for men. Some of the men´s best hiking socks can be bought online, here at Icewear. Nordic design patterns such as Norwegian styles and Scandinavian design in general, have been very popular throughout the years. The sheep´s wool socks available online here at Icewear have Nordic and scandinavian patterns and are made out of Icelandic wool. Icelandic sheep roam free in the mountains and wool, sheepskin and their meat is used by Icelandic people and for export. 100% merino wool socks and 100% wool socks mens. The wool is used for men´s cabin socks, regular winter socks and men´s cabin slippers. Men´s socks for hiking and trekking, are sometimes the best cabin socks and cabin socks with grippers for men, in the thermal socks business. Sheepskin is rarely used, Icewear does not use or sell it. Sheepskin is sometimes used to make sheepskin slippers for men, slipper socks mens and sheepskin slippers mens or men´s sheepskin slippers. The winter socks and cabin socks we do have here for men are very tough and the Icelandic wool has antibacterial features, some smart wool socks features if you like, which means that the wool socks stay clean longer than other best hiking socks. These men´s Icelandic socks are tough and fantastic for at home, socks for men, men´s socks to wear in Iceland. Men´s best hiking socks and slippers make great winter socks, they are made from wool, calling them merino wool socks for men. These socks are very warm and work as thermal socks all winter and summer. Hiking socks for men are available in many colors and designs. Most designs are part of a bigger collection and you can pair men´s wool socks for snow and winter often with other accessories, available here to buy online.

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