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  1. Sjöfn womens leggings

    From $63 - $105

Women´s hiking pants, snow pants and rain pants

Layered trekking pants for Iceland which will keep you protected from rain and snow.

Everywhere your legs can take you

Women’s hiking pants, rain pants and winter pants are mission-specific garments that take you wherever you want to go. The elements are easier to manage with the right combination of comfort and weather-crucial features.

The zipper on the bottom of each pair of pants can be loosened so you can fit your foot through without taking off your shoes. The clips at the bottom of each leg can be hooked onto your laces, too, so absolutely no snow gets in.

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man Icelandic wool sweater

Clip to hook the leg onto shoelaces checkmark icon

Ensure no snow gets into your socks, shoes or pant legs. Just clip the hook on the bottom of Icewear pants to your shoelaces and enjoy feeling safely sealed in and protected from the elements.

Lower-leg zip to fit a boot through checkmark icon

Make quick adjustments when the weather calls for it. Loosen the Velcro straps at the bottom to slip feet through without removing your shoes.