Norwegian Sweaters


Women´s Norwegian jumpers and Norwegian sweater for women

Women's Norwegian sweaters by Icewear are uniquely versatile. They’re optimal for both outdoor adventures and for staying warm indoors. The 1994 Lillehammer Olympics in Norway inspired this collection of sweaters, in part because it could be used by viewers and participants of winter sports alike. Of course, Norwegian knitted sweaters have a much longer history than that. Back in the 15th century, Norwegian sweaters were traditionally knitted by village women.

Merino wool dresses offer another level of comfort with total range of leg movement, while also providing the natural temperature control of wool across the shoulders, arms and torso. Icewear's long Merino sweaters for women can be worn this way with a cinch belt at the waist or hips.

Centuries-old tradition woven in with cutting-edge production

Icewear's Norwegian sweaters for women also come in a variety of weights using a range of wool types from light Merino wool to heavier Icelandic wool. There are far more colors than the Norwegian sweaters of the 15th century, too. Take your pick of color, weight and features, and your women's Norwegian sweater will be an instant favorite in your wardrobe.

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