Icelandic wool blankets, Traditional Nordic wool throws

Authentic wool Icelandic blankets with Scandinavian designs are very warm and large enough to cover you and your loved ones. Buy a big throw to take with you to the countryside or use a warm blanket at home on a rainy day. These Icelandic blankets are available in many colors and different patterns, 100% wool warm blankets from Icewear will last for a long time. These authentic blankets have classic and timeless designs which are inspired on nature. They feature Icelandic symbols and shapes, such as puffin birds, horses, ice crystals and fish bone patterns. Icelandic wool shoulder blankets will keep you snug and warm and are a little bit smaller than the other Icelandic wool blankets. These throws from Iceland can also be used as decoration on the bed as a duvet or cover at the feet. Icelandic blankets for on the couch at home. Icelandic wool blankets can be used when taking a roadtrip and visit Geysir and Gullfoss waterfall, famous points of interest in Iceland. The woolen throw which is knitted not crochet can be bought online here at Icewear, what some consider the best place to buy Icelandic wool blankets. Icelandic wool blankets with authentic Nordic and Scandinavian patterns with for example animal shapes (Puffin blanket Iceland) can be bought here and on Amazon, where Icewear sells some of it´s throws as well. Cover yourself with a big duvet or blanket. These Icelandic wool blankets are very warm and are available in different sizes, Icelandic blankets come in various shapes and patterns and can be bought online in a variety of colors. Iceland is known for its nature and vast landscapes, but not for it´s wool production. Many wool products, such as Icelandic wool blankets, are knitted from Icelandic sheep´s wool. These Nordic blankets are of high quality and make fantastic presents. We hope you will consider Icewear when you are looking for the best place to buy Icelandic wool blankets. We have a big assortment of Icelandic blankets and throws.

man and women on beach with Icelandic wool blankets