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  1. Blönduós mens parka
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Men´s extreme cold winter parkas

These parka´s are designed in Iceland to withstand the island´s coldest winters. How warm each coat is will depend on the fill power, the inner material, the outer material, and whether the coat is windproof or waterproof. The fill power of the parka indicates how heavily packed the insulation is and therefore, how much body heat is trapped to keep the wearer warm and well. Other factors besides your own body heat, that play into warmth include layering and the weather you’re up against.

The Icelandic design that went into all these men’s coats reflects how much Icelanders know about the cold, did you know for example that there are 46 words in Icelandic for snow? Features like taped seams and inner strings to adjust each coat’s fit each lock in body heat to give better protection from the elements.

When that windy weather picks up, your comfort is guaranteed with features like the hoods and removable fur on Icewear parka´s and winter coats.

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man in white parka

Functional design elements and craftsmanship checkmark icon

Inner strings to tighten fit, reflective elements, durable rip-stop fabric, attached hoods for windy weather.

Warmth as unique as the wearer checkmark icon

Aware of its own ecological footprint, Icewear is moving towards greener options such as recycled and natural materials.