Icelandic Wool Sweaters


Icelandic wool sweaters for women from lopi wool

Women´s Icelandic wool sweaters knitted with lopi are fantastic Icelandic wool sweaters made with traditional Icelandic patterns and designs. These Icelandic wool jumpers are heavy wool sweaters but not exactly Icelandic wool coats, but can definitely be used as an Iceland wool coat for girls when you wear the women´s Icelandic wool sweater as an outer layer on a mild winter day. Wear the authentic womens Icelandic wool sweaters for women made out of lopi wool underneath a jacket and you´ll find that the women´s Icelandic sweater is very warm and almost feels like iceland wool coats. The authentic lopi wool is naturally water resistant and very warm, which makes it the perfect kind of wool to knit womens Icelandic wool sweaters. The knitted Icelandic wool sweaters for ladies are also available as Icelandic cardigans with buttons on the front or a full zipper, Icelandic wool jumpers with lopapeysa patterns are breathable and give you the freedom to use the Icelandic sweater inside or outdoors, icelandic sweater lopapeysa is great. Icelandic women have been wearing traditional women´s icelandic wool sweaters for many generations and the sweaters even have been passed on from mother to daughter, these women´s Icelandic sweaters made from wool last for many years when you take good care of them, they are very well knitted and put together. Such a classic icelandic sweater also makes a great gift for every girl who is into outdoor activities and wants to wear a sweater made out of Icelandic natural materials. Icelandic sheep roam free and have done so for century, their wool is shaved and used to knit Icelandic sweaters with original patterns and Lopapeysa designs. The Icelandic lopi sweater or Icelandic sweater lopapeysa for women are traditionally decorated with classic patterns and these wool products are heavy wool sweaters and also called Iceland cardigan, Icelandic cardigan, Iceland wool sweater, Icelandic wool jumper and many other names but are first and foremost Icelandic wool sweaters for women.

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