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Icelandic wool filled clothing


Icelandic wool padded apparel

Trendsetting in new wool-insulated outdoor wear

Icewear's wool insulated clothing for women include an enormous collection of groundbreaking products. The wool insulated collection features a completely new kind of wool insulation created by Icewear that combines the benefits of insulated clothing with the natural qualities of Icelandic wool.

Icelandic wool is as unique as this line of wool insulated women's clothing. After more than 1,000 years of being bred in isolation, Icelandic sheep carry an optimized two-layer wool with a soft and warm inner layer and a silky, water-resistant outer layer. The combination provides unique benefits from natural antibacterial qualities to a superior ability to regulate body temperature.

The design of this collection is as noteworthy as the new wool filling. With Icewear's reputed eye for detail and functionality, these wool-insulated outdoor articles come with a long list of other features. The feminine design is complemented with waterproof shells, removable sleeves, drawstrings in the waist, and functional zippers to countless pockets inside and out.

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Materials and production focused on sustainability checkmark icon

Icewear continues innovating in outdoor wear with its OKEO-TEX certified Icelandic wool insultation. Wool-insulated products and the whole Icewear collection are specifically focused on sustainability—from manufacturing and materials to the long-lasting nature of every product.

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The wool insulation created by Icewear for the outdoor line of women’s wool insulated clothing is made with 80% Icelandic wool and 20% bio-polyester.