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Icelandic clothing brand for men

The men's collection includes stretchable and adjustable Velcro and string elements in many items so you can easily adjust your clothes to your temperature during activities. Other clever design elements include zip-off pants, adjustable belts (which can double as luggage straps), jackets with detachable hoods and/or sleeves, and a full selection of every accessory you need.

The Icelandic people have protected themselves from the cold since they first settled the island nation. Icewear, inspired by these roots, represents over 50 years of cutting-edge development in men's outdoor and wool clothing.

Icewear clothing embodies the best of centuries of Nordic tradition combined with the performance of today's leading men's wear. The Icelandic people have proven themselves resilient to the cold, and this unmatched knowledge of harsh climates can be seen and felt in each clothing article.

Clothing by Icewear also meets the needs of today's active men. Every hiking expedition and winter sport can be supported by the versatile clothing catalog with its many functional features.