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Sweaters with Norwegian designs

  1. Oslo Norwegian sweater

    From $99 - $165

Men´s Norwegian jumpers with Scandinavian designs

The 1994 Lillehammer Olympics in Norway inspired this collection of Icewear´s sweaters, in part because it could be used by viewers and participants of winter sports alike. Norwegian knitted sweaters have a much longer history than that though. Back in the 15th century, Norwegian sweaters were traditionally knitted by village women in the typical colors they could achieve with local, natural dyes: gray, cream, and blue.

Over the centuries, the Norwegian purl used in traditional Norwegian sweaters grew more popular in Scandinavia and elsewhere because of its exceptional tension control and its distinctive look.

Icewear's Norwegian sweaters for men come in a variety of weights using a range of wool types from light Merino wool to heavier wool.

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couple in norwegian sweaters

Traditional knitting patterns checkmark icon

Knits featuring the centuries-old Norwegian purl with an array of color options.

Functional sweaters with added protective features checkmark icon

Icewear's heaviest and most functional Norwegian sweaters include features like zipped collars and windbreaker lining.