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If you´re looking for kids authentic Icelandic sweaters or outdoor clothing, look no further. Icewear offers a great selection of Nordic winter wear for children for outdoor activities such as hiking to classic wool items for kids. Gear up with kids outerwear with Scandinavian patterns and designs and stay warm in the cold Nordic climate or winter season. Buy online Icelandic kids clothing. These clothes are perfect to wear at home or when traveling in colder climates. Essential clothing items for kids in Iceland, clothing with Norwegian style patterns. Rain can come side-ways or even from the ground up, Icelandic kids use protective gear when going to the countryside. Have a look at our selection of traditional clothes for kids and go online shopping. Icewear clothes are designed in Iceland. Icelandic children know how to dress themselves and wear proper clothing. Icewear has been selling clothing since 1972 to kids all around the world. Clothing from icewear is ideal for outdoor activities and kids need to dress well when going outside. The climate in Iceland can be unforgiving and wearing kids Icelandic clothing will help you as a child feel warm and well. Children who live in Iceland are used to the ever-changing conditions and dress themselves in suited apparel. Clothing from Iceland with Nordic designs are perfect for the outgoing and adventurous child. Most of the garments are layered or lined which offers great protection against the cold weather, Icewear clothing from Iceland is designed with the harsh climate in mind. Kids in Icelandic clothing from Icewear will not be cold. The island offers many possibilities for the outdoor enthusiast, and kids who are dressed in Icelandic clothing are wearing clothing which fits the environment best. Shop Icelandic clothing for kids online, have a look at our original patterns and designs and find authentic clothing from Iceland for kids.

Be warm, be well.