Icewear has expanded again in North Iceland with several new stores.

The total of Icewear stores is now up to seven in this picturesque region. The latest additions include a store in Húsavík (a town that gained added recognition recently at the Oscars). The Húsavík store is located in the heart of Húsavík’s popular tourist area, available to the many visitors eager to explore the town’s scenery and culture.

In addition to the Húsavík location, Icewear has significantly grown its presence in Akureyri City, which now boasts five stores. Two of these stores were recently opened, and one is set to open at the end of June, 2024.

Here are the details of Icewear’s stores in Akureyri City:

  • Vitinn (The Lighthouse): Situated in the harbor area, this store caters to cruise ship passengers and harbor visitors with its selection of Icelandic wool products and souvenirs.
  • Hafnarstræti Clothing Store: Located on the main street in Akureyri City (called Hafnarstræti), this store has long been a staple in Akureyri with its wide variety of outdoor wear, equipment, and traditional Icelandic clothing.
  • Icemart: Also on Hafnarstræti, this souvenir store opened in spring 2024, in the same building with other Icewear stores. It features an array of keepsakes, mementos and local crafts.
  • Icewear Yarn Store: This specialty store also opened in spring 2024. In the same building as Icemart, it caters to knitting fans with its expansive range of Icelandic yarn and knitting supplies.
  • Icewear Magasin: Set to open at the end of June 2024, this store offers an extensive collection of Icewear’s signature products, including traditional Scandinavian wool sweaters and outdoor gear. Conveniently, it’s also found at the same building on Hafnarstræti.

Icewear maintains a store in Goðafoss near the breathtaking Goðafoss waterfall, too. At this location, the regular influx of visitors to the falls have access to Icewear’s Icelandic apparel and souvenirs, plus hiking equipment if they need it.

The opening of the new stores in North Iceland highlights Icewear’s commitment to providing both Icelanders and visitors with quality products that are designed for Iceland’s unique climate. With a company history dating back to its origins as a wool knitting brand in the 1970s, Icewear is now known for its ubiquitous presence around the country, its product durability, and its authentic Icelandic design.

About Icewear

Icewear is an Icelandic retailer that specializes in wool products and outdoor gear designed to withstand the Icelandic weather. Since its beginnings as a wool sweater company in the 1970s, Icewear has expanded to dozens of locations across Iceland. Each storefront offers a unique collection of Icelandic sweaters, hiking gear, parkas, and other wool-inspired garments.

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