Even though the wool counts for little of the income from sheep in Iceland (less than 15%) it is the wool for which they are know. The particular qualities of Icelandic wool are due to the uniqueness of the Icelandic sheep, which have been bred in isolation for generations, partly due to geography and partly through regulation to guard against disease. Icelandic Sheep have not changed for centuries and outnumber the Island´s population. They are a direct descendant of the ones taken to Iceland by Viking settlers in the ninth and tenth century.

Here are some more things which you might not know about the Icelandic sheep:

  • Icelandic Sheep have not changed for centuries.
  • The wool of Icelandic sheep, unlike other sheep, consists of two layers.
  • The wool provides great protection from the elements since it´s naturally water repellent and warm.
  • A special characteristic of Icelandic wool is the diversity of color.
  • One of Iceland´s oldest traditions called the “réttir” is when they round up the sheep.