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New Icewear Magasín store in Smáralind shopping mall

Icewear Magasín opens store in Smáralind shopping center

Icewear is excited to announce it has opens it doors today on October 10th 2018 in Smáralind shopping mall.  Icewear Magasín has a diverse collection and offers also well other outdoor clothing brands. Read more..


How to buy a Icelandic sweater or Lopapeysa?

Where to buy a lopapeysa

When you´re considering buying a wool sweater, you might want to know more about its history and the development of the product. Read more about how to buy a Lopapeysa or Icelandic wool sweater.


What Should I wear in Iceland?

What to wear in Iceland

If you are planning to visit Iceland, you may be expecting a land of perpetual snow and ice. But don’t let the island’s name mislead you. While the sub-Arctic island is not the best place to choose if you’re planning a beach vacation, the weather here is not as extreme as you might think. Read more about how to dress when in Reykjavik.


What Makes Icelandic Wool so Special?

Icelandic sheep

Icelandic wool sweaters are valued for their beautiful designs and color combinations, and for the protection they provide against the elements. Not only do they have fun color patterns, but the wool fibers offer remarkable protection against both cold and wet weather. Read more about our sheep and way of living.


A Short History of the Icelandic Wool Sweater

Icelandic wool sweaters

The Icelandic sweater is as much a part of popular fashion in Iceland as jeans and running shoes. Known as lopapeysa, from the Icelandic words lopi for wool and peysa for sweater, the yarn of this iconic garment dates back to the earliest days of settlement in Iceland when pioneers came from Norway and brought sheep with them. Read more about the "lopapeysa".


Shopping Tax-Free in Iceland

Tax free shopping

There are so many aspects of Iceland that you just have to be here for. The northern lights, the geysers, the spectacular waterfalls and fjords are all experiences you can only bring home as memories. But many of the Iceland’s sights and sounds and flavours can be brought home in the form of souvenirs and gifts. Read more about how to save money.


Duty-Free Online Shopping: How ICEWEAR Will Pay Your Customs Fees

For all the things you forgot at the last minute, for all those souvenirs that wouldn’t fit into your suitcase, online shopping is a way to bring more of Iceland into your own home after the trip is over. Local food delicacies or signature pieces of clothing that hearken back to a great vacation help to bridge the distance when you can’t make the trip yourself. Read more about duty free shopping.


Icewear expands number of stores and takes over Vitinn Akureyri

Icewear takes over the operation of Vitinn, a service center for cruise ship passengers located in Akureyri, in northern Iceland. All together Icewear opens two new stores. One in Akureyri and one downtown Reykjavik. Read more...


Shopping Online from Iceland: What You Need to Know

Of course the best way to experience Iceland is to go there. There is no way to fit that spectacular landscape into your suitcase, and the northern lights won’t go through the security scanner. But for those times when you can’t be there in person, and for the times when you can’t fit even one more souvenir into your luggage, online shopping allows you to revisit your experience as you enjoy some of your favourite Icelandic products from your own home at the click of a button. Read more about how to order online from Iceland.


From Boom to Bust and Back Again: Knitting and the Icelandic Economy

The importance of knitting to the Icelandic economy and culture is evident to any visitor when they see rows of stores in downtown Reykjavík selling Icelandic sweaters. While knitting in Iceland does not date back to the days of the Vikings, there is evidence that it has been a staple of the island’s economy for over 500 years. Read more about knitting in Iceland.


Knitting in Iceland: An Expression of National Pride

Knitting and wool production have been staples of the Icelandic economy and way of life for centuries, but the sweater we now know as the Icelandic wool sweater, known in Iceland as the lopapeysa, is a more recent addition to the country’s cultural expression. Read more about why knitting is embedded in our culture.


The Whys and Hows of Layered Dressing

Any active outdoor lifestyle calls for well-planned dressing. Visitors to Iceland who go on a tour, such as the Golden Circle day tour, can do with a warm down jacket and hat. Those who plan to do more adventurous hiking, such as going out on the glacier, will need to dress in layers. Read more about how to dress for a tour in Iceland.


A History of Knitting in Iceland

Knitting in Iceland

Around the world we are seeing that knitting is not just for your grandmother anymore. A quick internet search will show you photos of celebrities with knitting needles in hand, from Marilyn Monroe to Catherine Zeta Jones to Sarah Jessica Parker—even Russell Crowe! Read more about use of wool throughout our history.