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Icelandic knitted and wool sweaters for kids are perfect for a trip to the country side, on cool summer evenings or for cold winters. When tried on once, your little ones will never again throw the pullover on the floor or leave it lie about.




Urður Angora-blend wool knitted sweater

For girls and boys, available in blue and pink.

Comfortable, soft and warm children´s sweater with beautiful patterns. Looks great with many outfits and is not itchy. 

  • 70% wool
  • 20% angora
  • 10% nylon

Elmar wool sweater for girls and boys

Available in blue, white and black, this Icelandic wool Lopapeysa for children has a front center zip and is very warm.

  • Also available without zipper
  • Lopapeysa pattern on chest and shoulders
  • Available in sizes 98/104 - 146/152

Blær cotton knitted jumper for girls and boys

Available in Blue and Orange, this Icelandic sweater for children is made out of cotton and is very comfortable.

  • Light, breathable and cheerful
  • Scandinavian inspired pattern on chest and shoulders
  • Available in sizes 98/104 - 146/152

Dagmar Nordic inspired sweater for children

Extremely comfortable children´s sweater, Angora wool blended. Great to keep your children warm on a cold day or to dress up fancy for the holidays.

Many children know exactly what they want to wear and your kids might be able to help you out choosing the right wool sweater. Have a look at our selection of wool, cotton and angora wool blended sweaters, in may colors, with or without zipper.


Have a look at how the Icelanders have been dressing their children since the early seventies. Available for young boys and girls from size 98/104 (approximately 3 year old) up to older children wearing sizes 146/152 (approximately 10 year olds).

Did you know that knitting and wool production is very important in Iceland? Read about wool production as part of the Icelandic culture and heritage.