Men´s wool gloves & mittens


Gloves and mittens in men´s sizes

Icewear knows the cold extremely well. When it's frigid outside, our bodies intentionally restrict blood flow to our hands and feet to keep our cores warm. Our hands suffer in a painful way! The Icewear collection of men's gloves and mittens will, first and foremost, keep wearers warm no matter the conditions. Even the harshest winter environments won't cut through to your fingertips with Icewear's heavy duty ski gloves. The colorful Scandinavian designs of the hand knitted wool gloves available recall centuries of staying warm in harsh climates, too.

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Heavy-duty windbreaker options checkmark icon

The heavy-duty gloves by Icewear come with features like drawstrings at the wrists and high-performing polyester material to windproof your hands for winter sports.

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