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Women's Norwegian cardigans & sweaters

  1. Oslo Norwegian sweater

    From £79 - £132

Women´s norwegian jumpers

Original Norwegian handknit sweaters are called the lusekofte, which translates as the “lice jacket” and is named after the appearance of the often-repeated stitch within the pattern. Or you could choose the Setesdalsgenser “Setesdal sweater” design named after the Norwegian valley where it is believed to have originated.

Outdoor apparel designed for Icelandic conditions

The Icewear brand is all about Nordic designs, that is why as well as traditional Icelandic designs Icewear has a long association of taking inspiration from the best Scandanavian designs. The focus of the Scandinavian range is authentic Norwegian designs and patterns, whilst also gaining inspiration from Norway, Sweden and Denmark staying true to their Nordic heritage. You will notice that the Norwegian knitted rose (or snowflake) appears frequently and now you know you can see it on the Icewear logo.

Have a look as well at Icewear´s Norwegian sweaters for women and women´s Icelandic knitted wool hats.

woman Icelandic sheep wool sweater

Combining warmth and breathability checkmark icon

Explore the merits of the Icewear windbreaker options, zipped and lined styles offering extraordinary warmth and breathability.

Icewear focus on authentic Norwegian designs and patterns checkmark icon

Icewear cut their teeth on traditional Scandinavian knitwear, Norwegian and other Scandanavian designs are complimenting the Icelandic styles.