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Women´s Icelandic design knit sweaters


Women´s cardigan sweaters from Icelandic wool

Icelandic sweaters are known for traditional patterns going back decades, these traditional patterns include the world famous lopapeysa with influences from Sweden, Norway and Greenland, was adopted by Iceland as national dress following independence in 1944. The patterns make the sweaters instantly recognisable, but it is the wool quality that really sets the sweaters apart when they are made from the dual layer wool from Icelandic sheep. Traditional Icelandic wool id 30% lighter weight than Merino, and it is warmer than other types of wool because the hairs are curlier and trap more (warm) air.

Of course, these days Icewear also utilise different wool products to work with. These include lightly twisted wool “Léttlopi”, the strongest “loðband” or “einband” one-ply wools and “plötulopi” which is lightly processed ensuring a very soft sweater.

Being remote, Iceland enjoys a strong seafaring tradition

Many countries and regions have their own “fishermen’s sweater”, a traditional sweater that guards against the cold and wet conditions that fishermen endure. Being a remote island, Iceland has a strong connection with the sea and in a way the Icewear men’s sweaters are the Icelandic version of a fishermen’s sweater.

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woman Icelandic sheep wool sweater

Naturally anti-bacterial wool checkmark icon

Due to the natural antibacterial nature of the wool caring for a traditional Icelandic sweater is simple. Frequently, all they need is a good airing. If you do decide to launder a sweater only a 50% dose of detergent is required, and lay the sweater down to dry.

Wool comes from a unique sheep population checkmark icon

Icelandic sheep have been bred in isolation for more than 1,000 years. Their wool has developed unique qualities as a result, especially in response to the harsh climate of Iceland. Þel and tog make up two layers of unique fibers in this singular wool.