Summer offer! 20% off wool sweaters.
Summer offer! 20% off wool sweaters.

Icelandic wool insulation


Men´s Icelandic wool-filled clothing

The insulation is no clump, body temperature regulating and a revolutionary lining material from Icewear. The Icelandic wool insulation consists of 80% Icelandic wool and 20% bio-polyester, aligning with the sustainable material choices made in the recycled outer shell and elsewhere. This outdoor clothing collection is combining the values of tradition and innovation together with sustainability and no waste.

The design of this collection is as noteworthy as the new wool filling. With Icewear's reputed eye for detail and functionality, these wool-insulated outdoor articles come with a long list of other features. The feminine design is complemented with waterproof shells, removable sleeves, drawstrings in the waist, and functional zippers to countless pockets inside and out.

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First-ever Icelandic wool insulation checkmark icon

Icewear combine tradition and innovation, something that is highly apparent from the wool insulated outdoor clothing range.

Materials and production focused on sustainability checkmark icon

This collection is specifically focused on sustainability—from manufacturing and materials to the long-lasting nature of every product.