Children´s warm sweaters

  1. Blika kids fleece jacket

    From €38 - €55

Whether going to a friend’s house or visiting the movie theater with parents, children enjoy the natural temperature regulation and breathability that comes with Icelandic wool.  


Icelandic wool is also naturally anti-bacterial, moisture wicking, and easy to mend. These qualities mean these children’s sweaters are washed less often, making them more sustainable and longer lasting. 


The Icewear team perfects all its products with decades of experience to back them up, and these kids’ sweaters are no exception. Icelandic wool is a unique fiber with benefits that go hand-in-hand with kids’ comfort—and even their safety (as Icelandic wool is non-flammable). In Iceland, newborns are typically given a set of knitted wool jumpers, providing the best of nature for those loved ones doted on the most.

  • Traditional designs that never go out of style
    Timeless garments are those that never “trend in” or “trend out.” Icelandic wool sweaters and traditional Scandinavian patterns are centuries old and are constantly celebrated for their lasting beauty. 
  • Tough, non-flammable, and easy-to-mend