Icelandic Wool Sweaters


Icelandic "lopapeysa", a wool sweater for men

The authentic lopi wool is naturally water repellent and has a double layer, which makes it the perfect type of wool to knit Icelandic wool jumpers for guys. These Icelandic sheep have roamed free for centuries, when their wool is shaved, it´s used to knit Icelandic sweaters with traditional designs and patterns. The Icelandic lopi cardigan or Icelandic sweater lopapeysa for men are traditionally decorated with authentic patterns and these wool sweaters are also called Iceland wool jumper, Icelandic wool jumper, Iceland cardigan, Icelandic cardigan and many other names but are most certainly real Icelandic sweaters for men. Wear such an Icelandic wool sweaters for men made out of lopi wool underneatch a parka and the men´s sweater will be almost too warm, even in winter. It almost feels like iceland wool coats. These handmade sweaters are fantastic Icelandic sweaters made with traditional Icelandic patterns and designs. Men´s Icelandic wool sweaters knitted with lopi make great gifts. Icelandic wool jumpers are not really like Icelandic wool coats , but the wool sweaters can be used as such, as an Iceland wool coat just wear the men´s Icelandic sweater as an outer layer on a calm winter day. A classic Icelandic pullover as such also makes a great present for every man who is into outdoor sports and likes wearing a sweater made out of Icelandic natural materials. The knitted Icelandic sweaters for men are also available as Icelandic cardigan a full zipper or with buttons on the front, Icelandic wool jumpers sure are beautiful and give guys the freedom to use the Icelandic sweater outdoors and indoors, whatever the weather conditions. Icelandic knitwear for men. Strong Icelandic men have been using these original men´s icelandic sweaters for many generations and the sweaters even have been passed down in families, all of the men´s Icelandic wool sweaters last for years when one take good care of the jumpers, they are very well knitted and sown together these handmade sweaters for men.

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