Wool sweaters with Icelandic patterns


Men´s Icelandic wool sweaters

The use of wool in Icelandic jumpers is as old as Iceland itself. The isolated island nation has a history of more than 1,000 years of raising sheep for their wool. Those sheep have developed a unique two-layer wool (made of Þel and tog) as a response to being bred in isolation in the harsh Icelandic climate.

The craftsmanship in Icelandic men's wool sweaters must be meticulous. Calculating the takeouts has to be flawless so that the pattern you see from the chest to the neck is neatly curved.

Being remote, Iceland enjoys a strong seafaring tradition

Many countries and regions have their own traditional sweater that guards against the cold and wet conditions that for example fishermen endure. Being a remote island, Iceland has a strong connection with the sea and in a way the Icewear men’s sweaters are the Icelandic version of a "fishermen’s sweater".

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man Icelandic wool sweater

Softer wool available for light wearing checkmark icon

Wool options include lightly twisted wool “Léttlopi” and “plötulopi” which is lightly processed ensuring a very soft sweater.

Dual layered wool system checkmark icon

Icelandic sheep have a unique double layered system consisting of "tog" (long water repellent hairs) and "þel" (thel) which is soft and delicate. Together they are insulating and moist wickering, offering excellent protection against cold weather.