Laugavegur 91

If you have ever visited Iceland or intend visiting, then you should be prepared to shop for more than you can carry. Icewear Magasín has several stores, one of them located in the biggest shopping mall in Iceland. The shopping mall is called Smaralind and is located just outside of Reykjavik. It has around 100 stores, including Icewear Magasín which offers world-famous brands, such as Helly Hansen, Adidas, Nike, Salewa, Kamik, Don Cano and its own clothing brand Icewear. Icewear Magasín has another, much bigger store downtown Reykjavik. Located on the main street at Laugavegur 91, Icewear Magasín offers a whole world of clothing and equipment for outdoor lifestyle. Icewear Magasín also offers a range of “street clothing” and sportswear, the perfect gift to take home


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Imagine the conglomeration of all these brands in one place! Wouldn’t it be amazing? This is exactly what Icewear Magasín does, and it is its versatile range of clothes that makes Icewear Magasín popular among tourists and locals.

Icewear Magasín on Reykjavik´s main shopping street Laugavegur, is a 3 story/level department store. First floor displays wool products, second floor has a fantastic outdoor apparel selection and in the basement you can find streetwear. At Icewear Magasín they source great products, reaching far to the German based Adidas, the Oregon based Nike and it´s own clothing brand Icewear. Icewear cares about your look, comfort, sporting spirit and adventure.

Being a multi-brand store, with a large warehouse filled with quality clothing and accessories, Icewear Magasín offers a fantastic multi-brand experience.