Limited offer: 2 for 1 on wool sweaters!
2 for 1 on wool sweaters!

Men´s thermal clothing and long johns for Iceland

Men´s base layer clothing and Icelandic thermal underwear or thermal clothing for men. Thermal underwear for men is an essential base layer when going out in the extreme cold. These merino wool base layer long johns and thermal clothing which are available here at Icewear, are some of the best thermal underwear mens which you can find. Buy such long underwear online so that you have men´s thermal leggings and men´s thermal long sleeve together makes a warm mens thermal underwear sets. These mens long johns thermal clothing are made out of merino wool base layer, but also available as a base layer made out of polyester and spandex. Both options are very warm and will uses thermal insulation to keep you warm. Thermals for men are perfect to keep you protected in the cold winter season. A men´s merino base layer makes perfect thermal wear for men and Icewear has a great selection.

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Icelandic wool socks for men