Iceland is a country of natural contrasts. It’s where fire meets ice. It’s where a rugged landscape meets an unforgiving climate. Iceland’s untamed and challenging terrain is also a beckoning dream location for outdoor enthusiasts: it’s the dream location for many. The glaciers and volcanoes are especially attractive for outdoor enthusiasts—but only if adequately dressed.

The History of Icelandic Wool at Icewear

At the heart of Icewear’s more than 50 years of experience is one remarkable material: Icelandic wool. For over 1,000 years, the Icelandic people have relied on this material to withstand the elements. Icelandic wool is uniquely composed of a short, insulating layer (called “thel”) and a long, waterproof layer (called “tog,”) which, together, harness the unique powers that enable Icelandic sheep to keep roaming the countryside through the harshest Icelandic weather.

Icewear has channeled the power of Icelandic wool into a growing catalog of products over more than half a century. Starting first with the iconic lopapeysa Icelandic sweaters, Icewear then launched blankets, parkas, outdoor accessories, and more, all ensuring that outdoor adventures can be clad in true Icelandic resilience.

Icewear’s 2021 Innovation

In 2021, Icewear launched its Icelandic Wool Insultation collection and revolutionized the industry standards of both warmth and sustainability. The blend of Icelandic wool (80%) and recycled polyester (20%) provided superior warmth while using more of the wool than had ever been used in yarn-based clothing before, making it more sustainable and better for sheep farmers, as well as for consumers.

The Icelandic Wool Insulation line was launched with two weights: 100 grams, and 200 grams. This allowed Icewear to design products of different thickness and for different weather and activities.

NEW: The Black Sheep Line

Now, Icewear is proud to unveil its latest breakthrough: the Black Sheep line.

The Black Sheep line is a testament to Icewear’s commitment to innovation in performance and sustainability:

  • Performance: at a weight of just 60 grams, layers of insulation in the new Black Sheep line are lighter than ever. This makes it suitable for thinner jackets as well as pants, skirts, and more. Articles that were never insulated before can now be transformed with Icelandic wool insulation in the Black Sheep line.
  • Sustainability: what truly sets the Black Sheep line apart is its 100% OEKO-TEX certification. Many Icewear products had OEKO-TEX certifications before, but only for specific elements of their construction. The Black Sheep line is 100% certified, meaning every element has been tested and approved. That includes everything from the insulation to the zippers to the thread.

What is OEKO-TEX certification?

The OEKO-TEX certification guarantees that Icewear’s Black Sheep line is free from harmful substances, protecting both you and the environment. The standards to obtain certification include:

  • Every thread, button, and accessory has been tested against over 1,000 harmful substances, and the article is completely harmless to human health
  • The more intimate the skin contact, the stricter the requirements and laboratory tests
  • The testing complies with all international requirements and regulations
  • The review is re-conducted at least once per year

The Benefits of Icelandic Wool

The benefits of the Black Sheep line stretch beyond versatility and sustainability. Thanks to the natural properties of Icelandic wool, these articles are naturally:

  • Breathable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Lighter than other types of wool

Light though Icelandic wool is, it retains heat extraordinarily well and is lauded as the warmest material available. See the study comparing wool winter clothing versus other heat-retaining fabrics.

What’s next?

In the new Black Sheep line, Icewear took the tradition of Icelandic resilience and fashioned it into a collection of garments that empowers outdoor enthusiasts to push new limits. Embrace the diverse beauty of Iceland and other harsh climates with the comfort and peace of mind that the revolutionary Black Sheep line provides.

With every thread certified and each garment designed with Icewear’s experience behind it, you can unleash your inner explorer on new journeys that inspire and challenge you, and redefine what it means to be alive in the wild.

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