Icewear often receives stories and comments from their customers, especially from those who visit the stores. This one is from a local Chinese guide, and it was too delightful not to share.

Today, I tell a tale of one pair of wool socks. It’s a true story and one I’m certain will surprise you.

But first, you look at the title of this tale and you wonder, “what would wool socks have to do with a wedding?”

For one couple from Beijing, wool socks were as pivotal to their wedding narrative as any other element of their beautiful event.

The couple had spent months planning their destination wedding in Iceland. Their ceremony was in Hallgrimskirkja and was absolutely breathtaking. Flying thousands of miles for their dream ceremony had been well worth it, and the couple and all their guests agreed.

Next, the young couple was just as excited to tour the southern shore of Iceland for a photoshoot with a brilliant local photographer.

As much research as they’d done beforehand, however, they couldn’t anticipate the kind of problem they would run into.

The Photoshoot

The day of the photoshoot, I was accompanying the couple as their event organizer. And, familiar as I am with Iceland’s landscapes and weather, that day I was wearing hiking shoes and a pair of Icewear wool socks despite the summer weather. I had learned (the hard way) that the moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial qualities of wool were necessary when navigating the beach to do anything other than sunbathe.

When it comes to socks, mind you, I’ve always been picky. I fell in love with the wool socks from Icewear because of how long they last and their high breathability (making them comfortable even in summer months). I started using them regularly before I learned the science of why Icelandic wool is so well-suited for socks.

My hiking gear looked almost comic next to the bride’s photo-worthy outfits. To top it off, she was navigating the natural terrains in flip flops so she could more easily change clothes.

One of the locations the couple was most eager to see was Reynisfjara, the famous black beach in Vik. The couple was blessed with nice weather which, along with the stunning view, meant the photoshoot would be the stuff of family admiration for generations.

Once photos were finished, however, an uncomfortable challenge threatened to ruin the moment.

Sand and Tiny Stones

The black beach in Vik is comprised of infinite, tiny stones dispersed between the black sand. After the photoshoot wrapped, the bride tried to walk towards the parking lot in her flip flops. Tiny stones and sand slid into her shoes, and suddenly she felt an alarming tingling in her feet.

It seemed impossible for the bride to go any further, but the parking lot was still a few hundred meters away.

The bride shied away from the idea of anyone carrying her on his back, but then an idea occurred to me. I took off my thick, Icewear wool socks and instructed her to put them over her flip flops. She did as I said, and this magic pair of wool socks enabled her to quickly navigate the rest of the black beach.

When the bride handed my Icewear socks back to me, she smiled gratefully. The world is so delightful sometimes (and often without the need for a single word).

I was even more surprised to find that my wool socks were completely intact after being tested by thousands of sharp, tiny stones. I washed my socks when I got home, however the fond memory will always linger on them.

To the young couple, this pair of socks formed part of the spectacular memories of their Icelandic wedding. I, too, will cherish the memory from the bottom of my heart.