Quarantine continues in many countries around the world. And even where the economy has been reopened, there are still social distancing requirements in place. We are all adjusting to what they call the “new normal.”

With an eye on the future, Icewear is still celebrating the opening of their new store in the Kringlan Shopping Mall. Worldwide tourism and in-town shopping will be restored at some point, and Icewear will be proud to showcase its traditional Icelandic products. Because, even where COVID-19 has interrupted activities today, culture and tradition always continue.

Icewear opened the new Kringlan storefront due to increased demand for their outdoor and everyday wear clothing as well as their additional lines of products. The company already had over a dozen storefronts in and around Reykjavik (including their popular store in Smáralind Mall), as well as stores in other communities around Iceland. Shoppers around Reykjavik now have an Icewear store in the biggest “shopping mall near me,” with Kringlan boasting the greatest number of storefronts on-site.

Stopping by the new Icewear shop, shoppers can also browse the company’s new line of casual, everyday wear. Everything at Icewear is designed in-house by the company’s local designers who know exactly what Icelandic weather conditions require.

The new Icewear store features the company’s same broad selection of clothing for men, women and children. Visitors can also shop for products from Helly Hansen and the Italian shoe brands Asolo and Salewa.

Shopping near me

Some say that the best shopping in Reykjavik and the greater area can be done at the Smáralind and Kringlan malls, representing the two biggest shopping centers in the greater Reykjavik area.

Kringlan Mall alone has 170 storefronts. For shoppers or tourists looking for things to do in Reykjavik, a quick ride on the Kringlan mall shuttle bus opens up the option not just to shop, but to visit the center’s library, see a movie, or sit down in the pub. The shopping center even has events and festivities on their open events calendar for visitors to add into their visits.

As with physical books that retain popularity despite the availability of audiobooks and digital book files, the physical shopping experience still has its own appeal alongside online shopping. Icewear first gained a market presence among locals and tourists with their storefronts before later opening sales online, and these high-traffic stores in Smáralind and Kringlan stand as hallmarks in that model, consistently giving shoppers the chance to appreciate Icewear products hands-on.

The Iceland-made authenticity of Icewear products hardly goes missed in the store with their unique, Icelandic wool products showcased for both locals and tourists. Knitting wool is a centuries-old tradition that, with the wool of the Icelandic sheep—bred for centuries in isolation—has generated a market of knit products that are both beautiful and optimally designed for Iceland’s demanding climate.

Reykjavik celebrates a rich culture within Iceland, made even more interesting for shoppers and passers-by with its complex personality enhanced by the smaller cities that make up the greater Reykjavik area. As the two biggest shopping malls in the metro, Smáralind and Kringlan malls help showcase much of the culture and many of the favorite products of Iceland. Icewear is a notable addition to each of these shopping hubs.

Icewear expands

The recent addition of casual, “every day” wear to the Icewear line of products came around the same time the new store opened. The company also expanded their line of clothing for children. In the original line of products, not only does Icelandic knitting remain featured, but a wide array of outdoor jackets and accessories provide comfortable and locally-sourced options for every season. Parkas, gloves and hats, base layers and raincoats can all be found in sizes and styles for men, women and children. The Icewear store will feature regular sales and a rotation of both seasonal items and new products as they’re released, also.

Icewear is excited to serve an expanding public with the new opening at the Kringlan Shopping Mall. To all the Icewear clients at Kringlan, Smáralind and to those shopping online, Icewear wishes that you may be warm, and be well.