You have, no doubt, heard it said that a dog is man’s best friend. While that is true, we’d like to suggest a close “second” to the dog, especially for those who live or travel to colder climates.-- we’d like you to consider warm woolen socks as that “second” best friend. They make great gifts anytime of the year or for any event; everyone should possess several pairs of these socks. Why is this, you ask? Let’s talk about some of the reasons why woolen socks are for everyone.

Woolen socks are a must-have in colder climates

The reason that likely comes to mind first to most people, even those who don’t live in the frigid climate of Iceland, is protection from the cold. When trekking around in temperatures that rarely reach freezing some months of the year, keeping your feet warm and dry is very important. Woolen socks are great additions to your wardrobe because they provide superior warmth and protection from the cold, and this protection is better than that which is provided by cotton and other materials.

Why are woolen socks good for running and hiking?

Yes, I know that you’re probably thinking about all of those thick cotton socks in your dresser drawer, and wondering why not use them. Cotton is a great fabric for some activities, but one must remember that one of the reasons cotton is the fabric of choice for some things is for the absorption properties. It really isn’t the best fabric for anything for which warmth is required or desired. Cotton, and even some other synthetic fabrics, absorb water and sweat, making them not only heavier but this aspect also affects their ability to retain warmth. I’m sure those who enjoy hiking and running in colder temperatures are interested in staying warm and dry before, during and after those activities. Two pairs of socks can even be worn for extra comfort and protection.

Can you wear woolen socks in summer?

Woolen socks are also useful to those who run and hike during the warmer months of the year, anywhere on the globe. These breathable and lightweight socks provide the same water repellency in warm weather, too. For summer use, for best results and comfort, be sure to choose the right type of wool, such as merino, angora, sheep or blended.

Wool, the self-cleaning fabric

Wool products are so easily cared for; they’re virtually self-cleaning! While Lopi fabric must be hand-washed, fortunately, it rarely needs to be washed. The reason for this is the structure of hair fibers, which don’t allow bacteria to adhere to the wool as it does to cotton or synthetic materials. Thus, the only times your woolen product needs to be washed is to remove stains, another rarity due to the moisture-repellent nature of them. How do you freshen your woolen products? Simply air them out and they’re ready for the next task!

Wool socks US Sizes versus European sizes

For those of you wondering how to size the various woolen products, Icewear provides a conversion chart on their website. This chart shows you how to measure in inches and then shows you the appropriate size needed for the proper fit. Their goal is to keep you warm, dry and comfortable and to do it in as simple a manner as possible.

So, why should everyone have several pairs of woolen socks? The answer: because they’re naturally water-repellent, lightweight, breathable, and are self-cleaning since bacteria doesn’t stick to the fibers like other fabrics and materials. Who do you know that needs several pairs of these warm, woolen socks? Why not grab several pairs of these breathable woolen socks for yourself, too? Be sure to check out the Icewear website to have a look at the beautiful designs and colors that are available, and you’ll see why you’ll need to buy several pairs!