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Lily Angora sokkar

Lily Angora sokkar

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1.298 kr
Flokkaheiti 48826

Quick Overview:

Lily Angora Socks are comfortable, warm and durable socks made of 10% polyester, 42% rayon, 22% nylon, 10% wool, 12% angora, 2% elastane and 2% rubber.

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Soft, warm and incredibly comfortable the Lily angora socks will make your feet feel what they deserve. They will be your best friends during the cold winter evenings, warm yet light and sit above the ankles. They are also ideal to use when hiking or whenever you need a good isolation in your shoes Comes in three colors; black, white and grey.
Sizes 36-40 and 41-46

Ankle socks

34% Acrylic
27% Polyester
20% Rayon
10% Wool
7% Angora
1% Elastane
1% Rubber.