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Björn fóðruð ullarpeysa

Björn fóðruð ullarpeysa

Size chart
19.990 kr
Flokkaheiti 21421

Quick Overview:

The Bjorn Norwegian Lined Sweater is very warm, as it is lined with Wind Cutter K-100 fabric and knitted from 100% 3 ply Worsted Wool.

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The men's Bjorn 3ply wool sweater is lined with wind cutter k-100 fabric, making this a durable, water repellent and breathable. It has a fleece lined high collar with a half zip opening and two zippered side pockets. The classic inspired Nordic pattern give the Bjorn a stylish look for everyday casual wear. It can be worn as an outer layer, or add a shell over it for the extra rainy chilly days.

Traditional Nordic Pattern
High collar lined with Fleece
Half Zip
Water repellent
Layered Fabric
Wind Stopper

Outerlayer: 100% Wool
Lining: Wind Cutter K-100; 80% polyester, 20% polyurethane